Cosying into Autumn

Where has the Summer gone? I hope you've had the opportunity to catch some respite from work commitments and Covid worries ......

We've flowered our first wedding since lockdown at Holbrook Manor, which was always intended to be a small family gathering but had to be scaled back even further. It went beautifully well. Our next was just after the bank holiday weekend at Summer Lodge with just one more, so far, for later in the year at Hornsbury Mill. A year that would normally see many many more weddings. Such a disappointment for all the Brides and Grooms looking forward to their friends and family gathering and the celebration. But all have dealt with the situation we are in so well and have postponed until 2021, which promises to be a bumper wedding year.

The effect of Covid has had quite an impact on us as a business but we are determined it's not all doom and gloom going forward. Autumn is here, the fruit on the trees are now starting to fill the air with their sweet smell, the sap is beginning to fall, the heads on our garden hydrangea are darkening. The leaves on the trees will soon turn to rust and start to fall. As I sit here writing this blog a wasp has wandered in through the open window - a sure sign of Autumn and if were lucky to have a bit of an Indian Summer, we'll be swatting and batting them away like crazy. The evenings are definitely drawing in and it's nearly time to look out the cashmere, not overlooking all the gorgeous autumnal scented candles to look forward to and cosy fires .......

Have I now got your autumn attention? Excellent ........ if you're planning on an Autumn Wedding for 2021 or beyond and would like our help creating your Wedding Flowers, please get in touch. Think about creating a mood board with colour and texture, fabric swatches, dress styles, outfits for him, hair styles, make-up style, perfume, venue themes, bouquet styles, flower types, the list is absolutely endless, however prior planning is enormous fun and really ensures the absolute best end result on what will be a momentous and important day for you.

Throughout September, October and November there will still be a good selection of British flowers and foliage available such as Dahlias, Cosmos, Scabious, Delphiniums, Verbena, Ammi, Zinnias, Snapdragons, Amaranthus, grasses and berries - Rosehips and Blackberries, all in addition to the Dutch flowers that we have all year round. There is also a growing trend towards dried florals, maybe you'd like to include a few, have all dried ..... again endless possibilities. With one mood board, all of your suppliers will be able to see at a glance what you are trying to achieve and will be able to work better with you to ensure your desires are turned into possible outcomes.

There are some excellent Moodboard apps if you'd want to achieve something on-line, Pinterest is a good place to start. Follow Petal Perfections Limited for mood board inspiration and invite us to join in your board so we can see your captured images, its a good idea to keep your board private and away from prying eyes.

If you send us an enquiry we'll forward our Illustrated Getting Started Guide, which focuses on key pieces to consider when planning your wedding flowers and details the different styles of bridal bouquets available. At the end there's a price guide and our guarantee to you and the reasons why you should use us to create your Wedding Flowers in the South West.

In the meantime, we're dealing with a lovely new influx of enquiries from future brides, looking forward to the cosiness and deliciousness of the Autumn and planning our Christmas offerings ........ please keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for collaborative events for Socially Distanced Wreath Making at a super new venue - with

so much to look forward and be excited for ............

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